River float transportation to San Marcos
Party boat transportation to both Lake Austin and Lake Travis
Prom and Quinceanera transportation
Concert Transportation
Bachelorette and bachelor party transportation
BBQ tours, wine tours, distillery tours, brewery tours
American football and soccer transportation and tailgating
Pub crawl transportation
Corporate team building and other transportation for corporate events
Circuit of America (Formula One) transportation
Austin City Limits Festival transportation
SXSW Transportation
Divorce party transportation
Girls night out transportation

Ice, Red solo cups, alcohol and your mixers of choice. You can bring a cooler, but it can limit your space and movement around the bus. The bus comes provided with coolers. If you need coolers for your river float or boat party, we have a large rear storage area so it does not crowd you in the main cabin 🙂

Absolutely! That’s the whole point of our transportation!  Enjoy your livations with friend and family and get to and from your destination safely. 🙂

Absolutely! You can bring wine, beer, and spirits on the bus, just shy away from glass bottles, unless it’s liquor bottles. Any breakage on the bus you will be charged a hefty cleaning fee to clean up alcohol and glass.

Unfortunately we cannot!  TABC (Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission) doesn’t allow ANY business to serve alcohol, unless they have a beer and wine, or alcohol license…. and no, it cannot be acquired for your trip. It costs thousands of dollars for the license, more for the insurances, and so on.

That depends…

The price range is between $100 and $300 on average, depending on amenities and capacity of the bus you are looking to rent. Prices are also dependent on time of year, as well as week day vs. weekend, based on availability and demand.

There are a lot of companies out there renting uncomfortable, old school buses that have minimal conversions done to them, like turning the original seats sideways, cheap sound systems, poor air conditioning (if any), and rough ride. Those buses can be had at the lower end of the price range… you get what you pay for!

Our buses offer a smoother ride, great air conditioning, awesome sound systems, and club lighting!

The person who booked the bus will be charged at a bare minimum of $250 cleaning fee to start, depending on how bad the situation is. The key is don’t drink too much and get sick. If you are going to get sick, let staff know so they can give you a bag, or use the trash can provided. Obviously a cleaning fee will be charged for handling the trash can if someone were to get sick in it.

Yes!  Cocktail Express comes with 2 coolers!   One huge cooler in the rear storage, and one 50 quart cooler in the main cabin of the bus. BRING ICE for your trip!

No, ice is not provided, simply due to logistics between different parties trips… but we do provide coolers for the ice you bring, or that we stop for at your request on your path to your destination.

Yes, only if you do not go over the max capacity of the bus. THERE ARE ZERO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. The person(s) that decided to join will have to do our online or paper release of liability waiver.

Yes, due to the inherit nature of the business where customers will be consuming alcohol. EACH and EVERY customer on the bus will have to sign a release of liability either electronically, or on paper copy in order to protect our business interests. Failure to obide by this rule, the bus will not move until the proper documentation is completed by the customer and everyone in their party. Make sure to let your party know that this is required, and if they fill out the electronic forms before our arrival, this will ensure that you and your party arrive at your destination on time.

Absolutely! Uber, Lyft, vans are great for group transportation – BUT, as you know, they are many times uncomfortable, and do not offer the space and the ability to move around like you do in a party bus. We have two onboard coolers on the bus to keep your drinks ice cold, tons of cup holders throughout the bus, a awesome LED sound system with subwoofer, club lighting to keep the party going while under way to your destination. Take a look at our bus(es) at:

Texas is a BIG state, and is very spread out compared to many other cities, so getting transportation such as Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare services can be difficult at places such as Lake Travis, Spicewood, Fredericksburg, Formula One, etc. Also, some of the rideshare drivers just don’t want to deal with long waits, or rides that are out of the way, because they can get on surge prices in the high traffic areas. Party buses also offer more comfort, great air conditioning (at least with us), awesome sound systems and lighting, coolers in storage, as well as in the passenger cabin. You are also not getting some random rideshare driver that is not familiar with Austin and the surrounding area. Our drivers know where they are going, because they have been there before.

ALL THE TIME! What better way to get your family, friends, customers, or employees safely around Austin, TX –  and the surrounding hill country for bar hops, brewery tours, winery tours, and holiday parties as one large group.

Every year! We take our customers to Austin Trail of Lights, Peppermint Parkway, Zilker Holiday Tree, Mozart’s Annual Christmas Light Show, and the Downtown Holiday Stroll. Call us at: (512) 309-1182 or email us at [email protected].

Here are the links to the events:

Austin Trail of Lights

Peppermint Parkway

Zilker Holiday Tree

Mozart’s Annual Christmas Light Show



We provide these tours:

  • Winery Tours
  • Brewery Tours
  • Distillery Tours
  • Christmas Light Tours
  • Pub Crawl Tours

Yes, you can decorate your party bus for your special event.  BUT, we do not allow glitter, silly string, confetti, rose petals, etc.  We can accommodate banners and balloons only on the interior.  Any and all decorations will need to be removed by the customer, and cleaned up properly, or a $200 cleaning fee will be assessed.  That means removing any tape or tape residue, strings, banners, and balloons.

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© 2021 Downtown Party Bus, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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